The Man In The Orange Jacket

A young man is fired from his job at the seaport and begins to stalk his boss and his beautiful wife. After a blood-chilling turn of events, he attempts to escape his past. The embittered young man tries to assume a new identity and lead a luxurious life, but nothing will prepare him for an unsettling visit by a vaguely familiar guest.

Director's Biography
Aik Karapetian, born in 1983 in Armenia, grew up in Latvia and studied at the Latvian Academy of Culture as well as the Académie Internationale des Arts in Paris. As a director and screenwriter, he has made a number of short films. In 2011, he directed THE BARBER OF SEVILLE at the Latvian National Opera. PEOPLE OUT THERE, Karapetian's debut feature, premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET is his second feature film. // Films (selection): RIEBUMS (Disgust, 2007, short), CILVEKI TUR / LYUDI TAM (People Out There, 2012), THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET (2014)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight 2015
Aik Karapetian
Latvia / Estonia 2014
71 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Aik Karapetian
Cinematography Janis Eglitis, Jurgis Kmins
Editing Andris Grants
Sound/Sounddesign Ernests Ansons, Verners Biters, Jonas Maksvytis
With Maxim Lazarev, Anta Aizupe, Aris Rozentals
Producer(s) Roberts Vinovskis (Locomotive Productions) <br><b>Koproduktion / Co-Production</b> Jarve Studio (EE)
Locomotive Productions Bruninieku str. 28–57 1011 Riga Latvia