Team Hurricane

Meet Ida, Sara, Eja, Maja, Zara, Mathilde and Ira: a teen girl squad who grows tighter than ever when local politicians plan to close down the youth community centre. The youth club is their hideout from the outside world where they can draw, dance, chill, talk or just hang out and not talk at all. Team Hurricane is a punk chick flick that mixes highly stylized fictional elements with documentary material: loneliness, pussy- power, graffiti, vibrators, friendship, teddy bears, resting bitch face, art, fire, fear, bubble-gum, mom & dad, anorexia, homemade piercings, nail art, cherries, secret diaries and daydreaming. Radical girls in an ordinary world!

Director's Biography
Annika Berg
Born in 1987, Annika has been  experimenting with innovative  styles and unusual narrative forms  since she was a teenager. In 2011  she was accepted at the highly  appraised National Film School  of Denmark from which she graduated in 2015 with her critically  acclaimed short film “SIA”. “Team  Hurricane”, featured at the Venice International Film Festival 2017, is  her debut feature film.

Films Selection: Team Hurricane (2017) —  SIA (2015, short)
Cinema Next Europe 2018
Annika Berg
Denmark 2017
96 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Annika Berg
Cinematography Louise McLaughlin
Editing Sofie Marie Kristensen
Sound/Sounddesign Sigrid DPA Jensen
With Eja Penelope Roepstorff, Ida Glitre, Maja Leth Bang, Mathilde Linnea Daugaard Jensen, Mia My Elise Pedersen, Sara Morling, Zara Munch Bjarnum, Ira Rønnenfelt
Producer(s) Katja Adomeit
Adomeit Film
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Venice International Film Critics’ Week 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere