Tasteggiata – Jean-Louis Matinier & Marco Ambrosini

The special constellation of the two musicians J.-L. Matinier and M. Ambrosini is completely fascinating, especially because of their instruments: nyckelharpa and accordion. The video approaches the rich music with sparing images, whereby only the instruments, musicians and light form the visual foundation.

Director's Biography
Thomas Radlwimmer, geboren 1988 in Schärding, arbeitet als Filmemacher und Fotograf. Sein Fokus gilt der Musik. // Filme (Auswahl): BOWW (2012), OLOID (2013), BURNOUT (2013), KAHIBA (2014), THE SCENT OF LIGHT (2014), TASTEGGIATA (2014)
Local Artists 2015
Thomas Radlwimmer
Germany / Austria 2014
3'05 min minutes