Summertime. Everybody is excited to go on vacation to Italy. Everybody but Jasmin. The fourteen-year-old longs to be near her biological mother, Eva. After a long period of separation, a trip to the countryside together becomes a first test for the fledgling mother-daughter relationship. They smoke, dance and stroll together – the mood is promising. Yet as time passes, again, it is revealed that their needs and expectations are light years apart. For the moment, neither Eva nor Jasmin seem up to the task of fulfilling each other's quest for identity and support.

Director's Biography
KATHARINA MÜCKSTEIN, born 1982 in Vienna, Austria. Parallel to the studies of philosophy and gender studies she worked for several film productions and at the Volkstheater in Vienna before studying film directing at the Filmacademy Vienna with Michael Haneke. In 2010 Mückstein founded La Banda Film, a working collective and production company. TALEA is her first feature film. It won the Prize of the Minister President of the State of Saarland at the Max Ophüls Festival 2013. // Films (selected): DAS ERBE (2006, doc), DIE VEREINIGUNG (2008, short), TALEA (2013)
Special 2013
Katharina Mückstein
Austria 2013
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Selina Gnos, Katharina Mückstein
Cinematography Michael Schindegger
Editing Natalie Schwager
Sound/Sounddesign Johannes Preis, David Seitz
Music Veronika Eberhart, Wolfgang Möstl
With Nina Proll, Sophie Stockinger, Philipp Hochmair, Andreas Patton, Eva Maria Gintsberg, Rita Waszilovics, Lili Epply, Megan Werther, Alina Schaller
La Banda Film Lindengasse 25/10 1070 Vienna Austria T +43 650 3010 808 office@labandafilm.at www.labandafilm.at