Takva su pravila

These Are the Rules

The story is based on real events, and it is about a teenager from Zagreb who was beaten to death on the street. This event made me think about his parents, and how they dealt with this tragedy. I imagined ordinary people, who had always obeyed the laws and the rules. But now, when they are faced with this horrible tragedy, no one wants to help them, and they are unable to do anything about it. No one listens to them, no one cares, they are simply not important. These people represent the majority that suffers quietly, and also carries on through the injustices done to them. My story is dedicated to these people. When society fails to function properly, chaos begins. (Ognjen Sviličić, Director’s Statement, Venice International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
Ognjen Sviličić, born in 1971 in Split, Croatia, is a scriptwriter and director. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His feature films SORRY FOR KUNG FU and ARMIN premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and have been awarded at numerous international festivals. Ognjen Sviličić teaches Scriptwriting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. // Films (selection): WISH I WERE A SHARK (2000), OPROSTI ZA KUNG FU (Sorry For Kung Fu, 2004; CE '05), ARMIN (2007; CE '07), DVA SUNCANA DANA (2 Sunny Days, 2010; CE '11), TAVKA SU PRAVILA (These Are the Rules, 2014)
European Panorama 2015
Ognjen Sviličić
Croatia / France / Serbia / Mozambique 2014
78 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ognjen Sviličić
Cinematography Crystel Fournier
Editing Atanas Georgiev
With Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Jasna Žalica, Hrvoje Vladisavljević
Producer(s) Damir Terešak (MaXima film), Janja Kralj (Kinoelektron) KoproduzentInnen / Co-Producers Nikolina Vučetić (Biberche Productions), Svetozar Ristovski (Trice Films)
MaXima film Božidara Adžije 22 10 000 Zagreb Croatia T +385 1 364 77 00 F +385 1 364 77 07 info@maxima-film.hr www.maxima-film.hr <br> <b>Koproduktion / Co-Production</b> MaXima film (HR), Kinoelektron (FR), Biberche Productions (RS), Trice Films (MK)
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