Syndrom Hamleta

The Hamlet Syndrome

THE HAMLET SYNDROME depicts the young Ukrainian generation scarred by war and political upheaval since 2014. The film’s starting point is the preparation for a play based on the motifs of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. A powerful portrait of a generation having to confront their war trauma and tackle the painful past, which now after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine becomes their present and future alike. (Locarno Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Syndrom Hamleta (The Hamlet Syndrome, 2022, doc) - Der Prinz und der Dybbuk (The Prince and the Dybbuk, 2017, doc) - Domino Effekt (Domino Effect, 2014, doc) - Bulgarian Stories (2007, Niewiera, co-directed with Kornel Miglus)
Competition Documentary 2023
Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski
Poland / Germany 2022
85 minutes
Ukrainian / Russian
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski
Cinematography Piotr Rosołowski
Editing Agata Cierniak
Sound/Sounddesign Marcin Lenarczyk, Joroslaw Sadowski, Andrij Nidzelskiy, Jonathan Schorr
Music John Gürtler, Jan Miserre
With Slavik Gavianets, Katia Kotliarova, Roman Kryvdyk, Rodion Shuygin-Grekalov, Oksana Cherkashyna
Producer(s) Andreas Banz, Matthias Miegel, Robert Thalheim, Magdalena Kamińska, Agata Szymańska
Kundschafter Filmproduktion, Balapolis, Canal+, Südwestrundfunk
World Sales
KFF Sales & Promotion
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Locarno Film Festival 2022

Trigger Warning: War, Violence