Sunrich Orange

"The one that turns to the sun…". A special characteristic of the sunflower is that it always turns to the light. In SUNRICH ORANGE the manifold surfaces and structures of this plant have been captured in a particular sequence with analog photography. The 35mm films strung together result in this experimental film. Through the "projection" of the sunflower, it becomes a light source itself and the viewer becomes the one who turns to the sun.

Director's Biography
Michael Wirthig, geb. 1978 in Linz. Studierte Mediengestaltung an der Kunstuniversität Linz, und beschäftigt sich seit 2000 mit Experimentalfilm und künstlerischer Fotografie. // Filme (Auswahl): NEULAND (2007), INSIDE1014 (2007; CE '08), INSIDE-R3 (2009; CE '09), SUNRICH ORANGE (2012)
Local Artists 2012
Michael Wirthig
Austria 2012
3 minutes
without dialogue