SUBVERSES China in Mozambique

SUBVERSES China in Mozambique gives an insight into China’s presence in Mozambique, which is already visible in Maputo’s cityscape. Many Chinese are investing and living in Africa. The two most well-known Chinese projects are the National Football Stadium and the new airport in Maputo. SUBVERSES China in Mozambique gives a voice to Slam poets, construction workers and Chinese who are telling their reverse stories about these investments.

Director's Biography
ELLA RAIDEL, geb. 1970 in Gmunden. Kunststudium in Linz, Prag und London. Raidel ist Videoküstlerin und Filmemacherin, präsentierte ihre Arbeiten auf internationalen Video- und Filmfestivals sowie in Ausstellungen. Sie erhielt einen Crossing Europe Award Local Artist 2010 für Slam Video Maputo.

Filme (Auswahl): Family Trophies I & Family Trophies II (1997-1998, KF), Pharmacie (2000, KF), Somewhere, late afternoon... (2007, KF; CE '08), farewell is the hardest word to say (2010, KF), Slam Video Maputo (2010, KF; CE '10), SUBVERSES China in Mozambique (2010, Dok)
2011: CROSSING EUROPE Award – Local Artist
Local Artists 2011
Ella Raidel
Mozambique / Austria 2011
46 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ella Raidel
Cinematography Ella Raidel
Editing Ella Raidel, Thomas Schneider
Music Matchume Zango
With Mestre Tchaka, Pha Teca-Teca, Raimundo