Speckbrot - Julian und der Fux

The gazes attempt to fix on something presumably located behind the camera. Like a flickering neon light, the MacGuffin they seek to focus on only reappears dimly. The viewer is left in the dark about its significance and can only attempt to guess from the twitching expressions of the viewers on the screen what is going on in this blurred, cool glittering.

Director's Biography
CLEMENS KOGLER, geb. 1980 in Steyr, studierte an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Lebt und arbeitet als freischaffender Künstler, Grafiker und Filmschaffender in Wien. // Filme (Auswahl): LE GRAND CONTENT (2007), HERR BAR (2007; CE '07), CUTE - CUTECUTE (2008; CE '08), STUCK IN A GROOVE (2010; CE '10), SPECKBROT – JULIAN UND DER FUX (2012, CE '13), WALL OF DEATH (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Clemens Kogler
Austria 2012
4 minutes
without dialogue