Sparkle of Inspiration

Sparkle of Inspiration is devoted to the US musician, composer and poet Douglas Hammond, who lives in Linz. Together with the protagonist we follow the traces of the question of where inspiration can be found for creative work. Doug Hammond grants us glimpses of his thoughts. He muses about life, music, poetry. His musical spectrum is wide-ranging – from jazz all the way to serious music. Hammond offers insights into his artistic explorations – thus leading us back to the beginning: back to the initial question, back to the perpetual search for inspiration.

Director's Biography
DIETER STRAUCH, geb. 1973 in Linz, ist Autodidakt. Seit 1999 führt Strauch sein eigenes Unternehmen, VeryVary Filmproduction, und ist in den Bereichen Dokumentar-, Spiel- und Musikfilm tätig. Neben künstlerischen Arbeiten produziert Strauch Imagefilme, Werbespots und Musikvideos, etwa für Texta oder SHY. // Filme (Auswahl): Leben ohne Fassade (Life Without Facade, 2009, doc; CE’10), Love Signs (2010; CE ’11), Texta In & Out (2014, doc; CE’14), Sparkle of Inspiration (2016, doc)
Local Artists 2016
Dieter Strauch, Doug Hammond
Austria 2016
color & black and white
65 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dieter Strauch
Cinematography Jakob Kaiser, Dieter Strauch
Editing Dieter Strauch, Doug Hammond
Music Doug Hammond
Producer(s) Dieter Strauch (VeryVary Filmproduction, AT), Jakob Kaiser (Kaiserfilm, AT)
VeryVary Filmproduction Stelzhamerstraße 3a 4210 Gallneukirchen
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
World Premiere

gemeinsam mit / together with