Space Bum Rocket Kid - M185

Music video for the single release “Space Bum Rocket Kid” from the second album by Viennese indie rock band M185 released in spring 2011. Friends were invited to come and perform the song in their own way.

Director's Biography
REINHOLD BIDNER, geb. in Salzburg, lebt in Linz. Studium MultiMediaArt in Salzburg, Animation and Electronic Media in Berlin und Dundee, Schottland. Seit 2006 freischaffend im Bereich Media Art und Video tätig.

Filme (Auswahl): One Zero Hero (2001), Daisy (2008; CE '08), The Mamas of the Papas - Rehearse & Roll (2009; CE '09), In Transit (2009; CE '09), Picture in Picture (2009; CE '10)
Local Artists 2011
Reinhold Bidner
Austria 2010
4 minutes
without dialogue