SONNTAGS (SUNDAYS) is the observation of a Sunday mass in its rituals, rules and movements. The priest and the altar servers carry out choreographed movements through the space and become roaming points of light in their white garments and the dark surroundings of the church. The view pans upward during communion, revealing the powerful and oppressive size of the place of worship.

Director's Biography
Robert Hamacher, geboren 1987 in Münster. Seit 2009 Studium an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Bereiche Dokumentarfilm, Fotografie. // Filme: SONNTAGS (2011), VOR-WEIHNACHTSESSEN (2010), HAPPY END (2011)
Special 2012
Robert Hamacher
Germany 2011
black and white
4 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Robert Hamacher
Cinematography Robert Hamacher
Editing Robert Hamacher
Music Birke Bertelsmeier