Solange Du hier bist

While You Are Here

Behind Georg‘s petty bourgeois façade is a man who leads a totally isolated and lonely life. His only point of reference is his love for a young male prostitute, and his entire life revolves around the latter‘s visits. This fragile balance is in danger of collapsing when the boy tells Georg that he wants to leave him. Just as the action moves only a few paces forward, back and sideways, Georg‘s world also moves in very fine nuances between reserve, hope, wishing and hesitantly felt, honest love. (Stefan Westerwelle)

Competition Fiction 2007
Stefan Westerwelle
Germany 2006
77 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Stefan Westerwelle
Cinematography Bernadette Paassen
Editing Huynh-Trang Lam
Music Andreas Gilgenberg, Martin Lesniak
With Michael Gempart, Leander Lichti
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