A relationship in the summer of its 47th year, a man and a woman travel to North Cape. By car. Driving for the sake of driving, not to reach a destination. They listen to hits, the same CD over and over again. And are filmed by their granddaughter. Sausages brought from home and ferry crossings by night, handstands in a hotel room and a Santa Claus village, Swedish landscapes, and Norwegian rain. An endless driving around in circles accompanied by cryptic and confusing directions from the GPS. The closer they get to reaching their destination, the less important it becomes. No longer a film about the difficulties of a long drive but one about the difficulties of a long life together.

Director's Biography
Lisa Weber, born 1990 in Vienna, Austria, started studying Slavic studies at the University of Vienna before enrolling at Filmacademy Vienna in 2009. STEADINESS is Lisa Weber's first feature-length documentary. It had its world premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival 2014. // Films: KOMMT EIN SONNENSTRAHL IN DIE TIEFKÜHLABTEILUNG UND WEICHT ALLES AUF (Sunray Hits Frozen-Food Department and Makes Everything Go Soft, 2010, short), DIE UND DER VON DA UND DORT (He and She From Here and There, 2011, short doc), TWINNI ODER SO (Some Twin Pop, 2012, short), SITZFLEISCH (Steadiness, 2014, doc)
Austrian Screenings 2014
Lisa Weber
Austria 2014
77 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Lisa Weber
Cinematography Lisa Weber
Editing Roland Stöttinger
Sound/Sounddesign Lisa Weber, Dominik Schlager
With Johann Weber, Gertrude Weber, Lukas Weber, Lisa Weber
Takacs Film Anton Freunschlaggasse 99 1230 Wien T + 43 699 195 886 60