Simone - folkshilfe

The love story of a yellow Italian car and an Austrian band. Spoiler alert: It is no Lamborghini but rather takes from actual life.

Director's Biography
Felix Sturmberger (*1989, Linz) and Florian Schwarz (*1988, Linz) previously delighted Crossing Europe audiences with their Gospel Dating Service clips AMAZING (2018; CE’18) and LIKE WOLVES (2019; CE'20). David Resch is a teacher and the trio’s fashion czar.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Simone - folkshilfe (2020) - Like Wolves - Gospel Dating Service (2019, Sturmberger, Schwarz; CE'20) - Amazing - Gospel Dating Service (2018, Sturmberger, Schwarz, Stefan Mayrhofer; CE'19) - Nirwana - folkshilfe (2018, Sturmberger, David Ruhmer; CE'19)
Local Artists 2021
Felix Sturmberger, Florian Schwarz, David Resch
Austria / Italy 2020
4 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Felix Sturmberger
Cinematography Florian Schwarz
Editing Felix Sturmberger, Florian Schwarz
Music Folkshilfe
Producer(s) Felix Sturmberger