Shuffle - politike, laknuer dhe rokenroll

Shuffle - Politics, Bullshit & Rock’n’Roll

Shuffle takes place in postwar Kosova. It tells the story of six struggling alternative bands and their view on politics, religion and their daily life. Musicians making alternative music have difficult positions all over the world. What sets these bands apart from similar bands in other countries of Western Europe or the US is the lack of audience and customers interested in their work. While Kosova has one of the youngest population in Europe (65% are under the age of 27), these youngsters do not seem very interested in any music other than mainstream. The question of why the majority of Kosovars listens to mainstream music – or Turbo Folk as it is called in slang – bothers the alternative bands, and while trying to answer this question they stumble across politics, lack of institutional support, the postwar syndrome and the need of society for nationalistic songs which the Turbo Folk music offers.

Panorama Special · Musicdocs 2006
Edon Rizvanolli
Kosovo 2005
color & black and white
42 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Edon Rizvanolli, Ylber Mehmedaliu
Cinematography Edon Rizvanolli, Ylber Mehmedaliu
Editing Edon Rizvanolli
Music Jericho, Humus, Por_no, Cute Babula, Retrovizorja, KEK, Inorga
1244 Productions Edon Rizvanolli Kroi i bardhë 6A 10000 Prishtinë Kosovo T +377 44 130 707 Deebeeduss Ulpiana A5, 4/9 Prishtina Kosova tel: + 377 44 136 105 e-mail: