Seuls, ensemble

Sons of Barents

Barents Sea, beyond the Arctic Circle. During endless summer days, a ship relentlessly crisscrosses the shoals. Caught up in an industrial pace, and exposed to the dangers of deep-sea fishing, about thirty men work flat out for a few tons of fish. Fishing season after fishing season, what brings these men back to this risky life?

Director's Biography
David Kremer is a French filmmaker and photographer from Nantes. He studied Sound Engineering in Brest and Cinematography at La Fémis in Paris. During his studies in Brittany, David Kremer developed a preference for maritim settings: His documentary COUPS DE FILET, his short fiction film L’ÉTOILE DU MATIN, and his long documentary film SONS OF BARENTS were shot at sea. // Films (selection): COUPS DE FILET (2007, doc), L’ÉTOILE DU MATIN (2013, short), SEULS, ENSEMBLE (Sons of Barents, 2014, doc)
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2015
David Kremer
France 2014
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography David Kremer
Editing Céline Ducreux
Sound/Sounddesign Yves Bagot, Pierre Bariaud
Producer(s) Carine Chichkowsky (Survivance) Koproduzentin / Co-Producer Karine Blanc, Michel Tavares (Takami Productions) Koproduktion / Co-Production Takami Productions (FR)
Survivance 32 rue Chanzy 59110 La Madeleine France T +33 9 80 61 59 06 F +33 9 72 16 27 08