Set in Motion

SET IN MOTION is a humorous, grotesque cinematic chain reaction which choreographs the varied relationships between the human body and furniture. In five "tableaux vivants", a furniture store is converted into a site of unleashed kinetics.

Director's Biography
Willi Dorner, born 1959 in Baden, Austria, studied dance pedagogy at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna and also attended the Erick Hawkins School for Dance in New York. Dorner is a dancer, choreographer and Alexander Technique teacher. He and his productions have appeared at well-known international festivals such as the ImPuls-Tanz Festival in Vienna and on stage in Austria and abroad. He has been lauded with numerous national and international awards. Michael Palm, geb. 1965 in Linz. Studien an der Wiener Filmakademie und an der Universität Wien. Seit 1988 ist er als freier Filmschaffender in den Bereichen Schnitt und Musik/Tongestaltung aktiv, seit 2001 als Regisseur. // Filme (Auswahl): EDGAR G. ULMER – THE MAN OFF-SCREEN (2004; CE '05), LAWS OF PHYSICS (2008; CE '09), BODY TRAIL (2009, gemeinsam mit Willi Dorner; CE '10), LOW DEFENITION CONTROL – MALFUNCTIONS #0 (2011), SET IN MOTION (2012, gemeinsam mit Willi Dorner; CE '12)
Special 2012
Willi Dorner, Michael Palm
Austria 2011
20 minutes
without dialogue
Cinematography Johannes Hammel/Eugen Pell
Editing Michael Palm
Sound/Sounddesign Michael Palm
With Sebastian Geç, Katie Green, Nick Keegan, Werner Nigg, Lisa Oettinghaus, Anna Reitbauer, Esther Steinkogler
Cie. Willi Dorner Schloßgasse 15/10 1050 Wien T +43 1 581 93 52