Seeing Pan

Daniel rents out her body. Her clients live in the "Spheres", a virtual reality that used to be Daniel's home too. A risky offer could take her back faster.

Director's Biography
Lorenz Tröbinger: Lorenz Tröbinger grew up in Ottensheim, Upper Austria, and works as a filmmaker and performer in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Central Saint Martins in London. Currently works on his first feature length screenplay funded by the Austrian Film Institute. 

Film Selection:
Seeing Pan (2020, mid-length) - Herzschnittmacher (Don Who?, 2019, short) - DEVASTATING - WOODPIGEON (2017, music video, CE'17)
Local Artists 2021
Lorenz Tröbinger
Austria 2020
28 minutes
German / English
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lorenz Tröbinger
Cinematography Lukas Swatek
Editing Lorenz Tröbinger
Music Mark Peter Royce
With Elena Wolff, Lukas Schmidt, Birgit Linauer, Jesse Inman
Producer(s) Sabine Anders, Lorenz Tröbinger
Airloom Filmproduktion