Second Night

Second Night shows gentle observations during a journey through landscapes devoid of people. They do not know what they look like from the outside. From the inside, though, they have often seen their faces, shaded landscapes with a swampy forest and two frozen lakes.

Director's Biography
LUKAS MARXT, geb. 1983, studierte in Linz Mediengestaltung. Seit 2007 Studium Art & Multimedia in Lissabon. Mitglied beim Backlab Kollektiv.

Filme (Auswahl): Nach der Eishöhle (2007, Ko-Regie Michael Petri; CE ‘07; lobende Erwähnungen der Jury), four by (2008; CE ‘08), pass by (2009; CE ‘09)
Local Artists 2010
Lukas Marxt
Spain / Austria 2009
19 minutes