Sangue vivo

Live Blood

Zimba, fifty-ish, hot-blooded, and strong, stitches together a living for his aging mother, wife, and two children by selling vegetables in the market, collecting scrap for the junkyard, and playing tambourine in his band. When times are really bad, he takes on small jobs for the local Mafia boss smuggling goods across the Strait of Otranto from Albania. Meanwhile, his brother Donato has dropped out of the band and fallen in with addicts and other shady characters. The action and the music rise to a simultaneous climax as Zimba rehearses for the "big" concert and a chance for a recording contract, lovers meet, and Donato double-crosses the local crime lords.

Director's Biography
Edoardo Winspeare – Film Selection: La vita in commune
 (The Ark of Disperata, 2017) — In grazia di Dio (Quiet Bliss, 2014) — Sotto il celio azzurro
 (A School with a View, 2009, doc) — Galantuomini (Brave Men, 2008) — Il Cammino (The Journey, 2004, short) — Il miracolo 
(The Miracle, 2003) — Sangue Vivo 
(Live Blood, 2000) — Pizzicata (1996) — L’ultimo Gattopardo (1991, doc) — San Paolo e la Tarantola (1990, doc) — Una breve storia di una toilette (A Toilette’s Short Story, 1989, short)  
Tribute 2018
Edoardo Winspeare
Italy 2000
95 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Giorgia Cecere, Edoardo Winspeare
Cinematography Paolo Carnera
Editing Luca Benedetti
Sound/Sounddesign Stefano Campus, Bruno Pupparo
Music Officina Zoè
With Pino Zimba, Lamberto Probo, Claudio Giangreco
Producer(s) Maurizio Tini
Sidecar Films & Tv
Archive Print
Istituto Luce-Cinecittà

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
International Film Festival San Sebastian 2000