Sangue do meu Sangue

Blood of my Blood

Márcia is a single mother with two grown-up children, who works as a cook and shares her home with her sister Ivete, a hairdresser. One day, her daughter Cláudia tells her that she has fallen in love with a married man who is much older than her. When Márcia finds out who he is, she realizes that the relationship poses a terrible threat to her family. Meanwhile, her son Joca, a small-time drug pusher, tries to get one over on his own dealer, but the plan misfires. A film about unconditional love – the love of a mother for her daughter and of an aunt for her nephew – and about the lengths those women are prepared to go to in order to protect the ones they love

Director's Biography
João Canijo, born 1957 in Portugal. In the 80‘s he worked as an assistant director to Wim Wenders, Alain Tanner and Werner Schroeter, among others. His first film THREE LESS ME was selected for the Rotterdam Film Festival. His film GET A LIFE was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. BLOOD OF MY BLOOD won the Fipresci Award at San Sebastian Film Festival 2011. // Films (Selected): TRES MENOS EU (Three Less Me, 1988), NOITE ESCURA (In the Darkness of the Night, 2004), FANTASIA LUSITANA (Lusitania Illusion, 2010), SANGUE DO MEU SANGUE (Blood of My Blood, 2011)
European Panorama Fiction 2012
João Canijo
Portugal 2011
139 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay João Canijo
Cinematography Mário Castanheira
Editing João Braz
Sound/Sounddesign Olivier Blanc, Ricardo Leal, Gerard Rousseau, Elsa Ferreira
With Rita Blanco, Anabela Moreira, Cleia Almeida, Rafael Morais, Marcello Urgeghe, Nuno Lopes, Beatriz Batarda, Fernando Luís, Teresa Madruga, Teresa Tavares, Francisco Tavares, Wilma de Brito
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