Säädyllinen tehdas

A Decent Factory

A team from the Finnish electronics corporation Nokia travels to China to examine the working standards of a supplier company on site – Hanna Kaskinen and her colleague Louise Jamison are to uncover possible „unethical“ practices that might damage the image of the parent company. Director Thomas Balmès observes the company‘s endeavors to couple hard (global) economic competitiveness with (European) ethical standards: among other things the team discovers poisonous cleaning chemicals in the kitchen, overcrowded quarters and illegal hourly wages – and the sobering understanding that it will be difficult to obtain a „clean bill of health“ to promote the company.

Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2006
Thomas Balmes
Finland 2004
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Thomas Balmès
Cinematography Thomas Balmès
Editing Catherine Gouzet
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