Rote Rüben in Teheran

Beetroot in Tehran

Beetroot in Teheran is about a father and son who go on a journey to Iran. For the father it is a return after more than 40 years, for the son, who grew up in Austria, it is a new experience. Father and son react in very different ways to Iranian society, traditions, family. They speak to female Iranian actors and filmmakers; ask about their role in Iranian society. While everything is new for the son, the father is confronted with memories of his past in Iran.

Director's Biography
HOUCHANG ALLAHYARI, born in Iran, is a Vienna-based filmmaker and psychiatrist. For Bock for President (co-directed by his son Tom-Dariusch) he won the Austrian Film Award and for The Last Dance the Grand Diagonale Prize. TOM-DARIUSCH ALLAHYARI, born in 1968 in Vienna, is a scriptwriter and director. For the feature Höhenangst he received the Thomas Pluch Script Prize. // Films (selection): Geboren in Absurdistan (1999), Bock for President (2009), Das persische Krokodil (The Persian Crocodile, 2012, doc), Der letzte Tanz (The Last Dance, 2013), Rote Rüben in Teheran (Beetroot in Tehran, 2016, doc)
European Panorama Documentary 2016
Houchang Allahyari, Tom-Dariusch Allahyari
Austria 2016
90 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Cinematography Behruz Malbuzbaf, Babak Behdad, Peter Roehsler
Editing Michaela Müllner
Sound/Sounddesign Christoph Amann
Music Freud
Producer(s) Houchang Allahyari (Houchang Allahyari Filmproduktion, AT)
Houchang Allahyari Filmproduktion Brandstätte 5/9 1010 Wien
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
World Premiere