Ring mamma!

Call Mom!

Niki might be 35, but she lives as if she’s ten years younger—and that means engaging in continuous spats with her mother. Niki works as an elementary PE teacher and has quite the boisterous sex life. Her mother, Sofia, is soft-spoken and unable to sit still or look someone in the eye, so she obsessively cleans to avoid both. Each privately seeks a stronger relationship with the other, but their inability to admit how they feel creates an endless cycle of misunderstanding. Tackling a familiar struggle between parent and child, this Swedish family dramedy will have you rushing out of the theater to @Call Mom!@ (Cleveland International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
Lisa Aschan: Lisa Aschan, born in Skåne in 1978, is a Swedish director. She graduated from The National Film School of Denmark. Aschan’s feature film debut, “She Monkeys,” a coming of age film which won the best film award at Tribeca, received an Honourable Mention in Berlin and also took home the Guldbagge award for best film. "Call Mom“ had its US premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2020.  Film Selection: Ring Mamma! (Call Mom!, 2019) - Guds tystnad (God Is Silent, 2018, short) - Det vita folket (White People, 2015, CE'16) - Apflickorna (She Monkeys, 2011, CE'12) - Goodbye Bluebird (2007, short) - In Transit (2006, short) - Fuck the Rapist! (2004, short)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Lisa Aschan
Sweden 2019
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lisa Aschan
Cinematography Linda Wassberg
Editing Kristin Grundström
Sound/Sounddesign Andreas Franck
Music Jon Ekstrand
With Sanna Sundqvist, Nina Gunke, Alexander Karim, Jonatan Rodriguez, Evin Ahmad, Eric Ericson, Julia Corti Kopp, Cecilia Forss, Björn Gustafsson
Producer(s) PRODUCER Anna-Maria Kantarius
Garagefilm International
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Sweden, November 2019
Premierenstatus / Austrian Premiere:
Austrian Premiere Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Sweden, November 2019