repetition is an homage to repetition by word and deed: While the image and sound entwine around the special qualities of repetition, a practical experiment in repetition takes place at the same time with the multiple screenings. The full effect of repetition – alternating double crea-tures consisting of a unique original and a reproduction that is only seemingly identical with the previous appearance and thus itself an outstanding example of its own theme – only unfolds over the course of time. What happens with the return of what is seemingly always the same thus becomes manifest and crystal clear, while still remaining mysterious and contradictory.

Director's Biography
BARBARA MUSIL, geb. 1972 in Salzburg, Studium der Humanmedizin in Graz und Experimentellen Gestaltung in Linz. Arbeitet als freischaffende Künstlerin. Filme (Auswahl): SW-NÖ 04 (2004, Co-Regie Karo Szmit; CE ‘05), Lietuvos Bankas (2006; CE ‘06), market sentiments (2007, CE Award Local Artist 2008), repetition (2009, CE Trailer), Journal du temps (2010, s. S. 102)
Local Artists · Festivaltrailer 2010
Barbara Musil
Austria 2009
1 minutes