Ain‘t Scared

The young people in this film wear the colors of the world they live in: black and white. Their lives play out in a suburban settlement, where they meet, talk, quarrel, and fall in love with each other. Life here is not simple. On the day when Jo learns he has been accepted as a junior player with the famous London soccer club Arsenal, tensions among the young people reach a climax.„A director’s first film always lives from personal experiences. In my case, it was the experiences of my youth. I lived in Paris until my mother remarried and we moved to the banlieue. I was 13 and didn’t understand what went on around me. I had to adapt in order to integrate.“ (Audrey Estrougo)

Competition Fiction 2008
Audrey Estrougo
France 2007
97 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Audrey Estrougo
Cinematography Guillaume Schiffman
Editing Marie-Pierre Renaud
Music Baptiste Charvet
With Emilie de Preissac, Terry Nimajimbe, Paco Boublard, Lili Canobbio, Eye Haidara, Salomé Stévenin, Jimmy Woha Woha, Oumar Diaw, Djena Tsimba, Renaud Astegiani
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