The protagonists in this densely filmed full-length documentary are photographer Adam Sello from Berlin, artist and designer Stefan Marx from Hamburg, concrete avantgardist and filmmaker Pontus Alv from Malmö and the urban artefact collector Bobby Puleo from New York. They have been followed for several days and weeks, giving insights into their everyday life, their work, their motives, their successes and failures. Although skateboarding is always connected to the people and the shown issues it stays in the back most of the time and tries to be what it was once for the protagonists: a big motivation and inspiration to do things.

Director's Biography
Florian schneider was born in Kassel, Germany, where he studied Visual Communications at the Art Academy with a focus on Film. After having filmed and edited his friends' skateboarding in the late nineties, he became interested in filmmaking itself. With the support of Carhartt and the Hessian Film Fund, he was able to start working on PUSHED in December 2008. The film celebrated its world premiere at the Exground Filmfest 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany. He lives and works in Hamburg, where he is currently studying at the School of Fine Arts. // Films: PUSHED (2011)
European Panorama Documentary 2012
Florian Schneider
Germany 2011
82 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Florian Schneider
Cinematography Felix Zenker
Editing Florian Schneider
Sound/Sounddesign Florian Schneider
Music Sebastian Eubel, Johan Hansson
With Stefan Marx, Adam Sello, Bobby Puleo, Pontus Alv
Florian Schneider Holstenstraße 68 22767 Hamburg Germany T +49 40 76 99 32 14 sznydoers@googlemail.com