Proti Yli

Raw Material

The famous Acropolis affords a view of one of the most poverty-stricken districts in Athens. This improvised shantytown is home to a diverse community of people who subsist on collecting discarded metal. Director Christos Karakepelis spent six years putting this film together and thus offers the viewer an utterly authentic perspective on the lives of people for whom, as one of them described it, scrap metal is both their „treasure and mistress.”

Director's Biography
Christos Karakepelis, born 1962 in Serres, Greece. He studied Social Sciences at Panteion University in Athens and Film Directing at the Stavrakou Film School. While working in advertising since 1985, directing commercials for many years, he made two short films. THE HOUSE OF CAIN, his first feature film, was shown at prestigious festivals and won many awards. RAW MATERIAL was screened, among others, at Zurich Film Festival 2011. // Films (Selected): TO SPITI TOU KAIN (The House of Cain, 2000, doc), PROTI YLI (Raw Material, 2011, doc)
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2012
Christos Karakepelis
Greece 2011
78 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Christos Karakepelis, Natassa Segou
Cinematography Dionissis Efthimiopoulos
Editing John Chalkiadakis
Sound/Sounddesign Orestis Kaberidis, Costas Fylaktidis
Music Vassilis Michailidis
With Plumbi Pelumb, Hussein Mustafa, Gogo Sokol, Gurdevr Jasvinder
CL Production Vrilissou str 65 11476 Athens Greece T +30 210 64 12 700 F +30 210 64 12 709