Problemat s komarite i drugi istorii

The mosquito problem an other stories

A small town and its hopeful citizens are about to embark on a bright new journey. Massive rusty cranes, foreign investors and the joyful chants of cheerleaders carry the dream of a great nuclear future. Disturbed only by gigantic stinging mosquitoes, the townsfolk celebrate the atomic hurray by engraving the nuclear power plant logo on buildings and soup bowls. However, amidst the apparent atomic prosperity lies a past that no one wants to remember. The world of the inhabitants is instantly transformed by ideologies, regimes and dreams of economic prosperity.

European Panorama 2008
Andrey Paounov
Bulgaria / Germany / USA 2007
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andrey Paounov, Lilia Topouzova
Cinematography Boris Misskirkov, Georgi Bogdanov
Editing Andrey Paounov, Orlin Ruewski
With Penka Tsolova, Julia Ruzhgeva, Boyko Ruzhgev, Todor Pernikov, Padre Corrado Gasparo, Fernando Almaralis Diaz
Produzentin Martichka Bozhilova Koproduktion ITVS International, Filmtank Hamburg in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE/ZDF AGITPROP 68, Budapesta Str. 1202 Sofia Bulgarien T +359 2 983 1411 F +359 2 983 1929