Präsentation: Bischofstrasse, Linz

A documentary introducing the past and the present of the charming Upper Austrian capital Linz, while showcasing its cultural and social life. The first impression of another - tourist-catching - film fades fast as the director and producer himself leads the audience to Bischofstraße. Micha Shagrir was born in 1937 in Bischofstraße 7, as his father and grandfather before him, and in the same street at number 1, lived the family of Adolf Eichmann. The documentary presents history's irony and twists of fate as the relations between those who lived in proximity to each other through interviews with present and former residents of the street and the town, some of them born towards the end of the 20th century and some of them who even remember the times of "Zuckerl Schwager", the candy factory of the director's family

Local Artists 2005
Micha Shagrir
Austria / Israel 2005
Materialpräsentation: ca. 30 Minuten Endfassung: ca. 90 Minuten minutes
Screenplay Micha Shagrir
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