It is a limpid, quiet and unpretentious film using the tried coda of dogma praxis to project the story. Marko returns to find that his lover has slept with half the village, the girl with a heart of gold. The tentativeness of reconciliation plays out against predictable jealousies, the psychic trauma of parental incest and the violence of the clash between those that never left and the outsider that he has become. The narrative is driven through sensitive and intelligent cameo performances as well as the director's genuine feeling for his subject. (David Larcher)

Competition Fiction 2005
Jovan Arsenić
Germany / Croatia 2003
70 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jovan Arsenić
Cinematography Karsten Schleitzer
Editing Rita Schwarze, Jovan Arsenić
Music Lajko Felix
With Ivan Djordjević, Snežana Trisić, Aleksander Čurćin
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