The Undertaker

Bata, a young man who is getting involved in international funeral business, tries to balance it with his own private life. The documentary enters “Bata’s world”, in which this funeral business in a unique way connects the story about values, the futility of waiting and the absurdity of modern age when workers are travelling across Europe, but post mortem. The characters run after material symbols while their lives are slipping away – all that as a metaphor for a situation in contemporary society.

Director's Biography
Dragan Nikolić, born 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia, studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade and gratuated in dramaturgy from the University of Arts. Nikolić is an author of documentary films, a co-scriptwriter, assistant director and director. // Films (selected): BEZI ZEKO BEZI (Run Rabbit Run, 2003, Co-Author), ULICNI HODAC (2004, short, Co-Author), MADE IN SERBIA (2005, doc, Co-Author), NACIONALNI PARK (National Park, 2006, doc; CE '08), THE CAVIAR CONNECTION (2008, doc), POGREBNIK (The Undertaker, 2013)
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2014
Dragan Nikolić
Serbia / Germany 2013
52 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dragan Nikolić, Jovana Nikolić (based on the research of Horst Widmer)
Cinematography Dragan Nikolić
Editing Milan Popović Srđan Radmilović
Sound/Sounddesign Dobrivoje Milijanović
With Miladin Korać, Tanja Korać, Radiša Mihajlović
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