Pod njihovo kozo

Under their S.K.I.N.

In June last yearIztok Kovač and Sašo Podgoršek invited me to document the shooting of their new film with a video camera. Or shall I say the creative process of making of the film, since for the eight members of the crew this creative process in the veins of the Trbovlje mine was constantly reconceived; the spiritual and body movements recurrently domesticated the foreign land-scapes of the abandoned underground. And this was exactly what became the central question: how to join the opposing concepts of the freedom of dance creation and the shooting of a film? Dance is based on improvisation, coincidence, but above all freely uses space and time. Film inevitably has to follow strict rules and which dictates not only spatial limitations, but particularly time limitations. (Vlado Škafar)

European Panorama 2006
Vlado Škafar
Slovenia 2006
58 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vlado Škafar
Cinematography Vlado Škafar
Editing Vlado Škafar
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