Planet Disco - A.G. Trio

Planet Disco pays tribute to the phenomenon that we had almost forgotten in between youthful folly and 80s flashback: the ice disco. Saucy girls, cool ice champs, furtive glances and night-time dance training hint at how things could take off by simply playing electro house through the loudspeakers instead of Tchaikovsky.

Director's Biography
LUZI KATAMAY, geb. 1982. Studium Audiovisuelle Gestaltung, Kunstuni Linz. Regisseurin, Kamerafrau, Cutterin, Grafikerin, Regie- und Produktionsassistentin.

CHRISTIAN DIETL, geb. 1984. Studium Audiovisuelle Gestaltung, Kunstuni Linz. Grafiker, Webdesigner, Kameramann, Cutter und Regisseur. Gründeten Lasgafas Filmproduktion.

Gem. Filme (Auswahl): still halten (2009; Ce '09), Zizlau dreiundachtzig (2009), Voixmusik - Hinterland (2010; ce '10)
Local Artists 2011
Luzi Katamay, Christian Dietl
Austria 2010
5 minutes
without dialogue