Picture in Picture

A November afternoon with coffee and cake, an hour of respite and the beauty of the picturesque moment allowed this audiovisual work to be created as though by itself. Perhaps only a “postcard” telling of the inability to let the moment stand for itself, but perhaps also a “moving image” about the desire to capture it.

Director's Biography
REINHOLD BIDNER, geb. in Salzburg, lebt in Linz. Studium MultiMediaArt in Salzburg, Animation and Electronic Media in Berlin und Dundee, Schottland. Seit 2006 freischaffend im Bereich Media Art und Video tätig.

Filme (Auswahl): One Zero Hero (2001), Daisy (2008; CE ‘08), Still Time (2008), The Mamas of the Papas - Rehearse & Roll (2009; CE ‘09), In Transit (2009; CE ‘09)
Local Artists 2010
Reinhold Bidner
Austria / Italy 2009
3 minutes