Petites Révélations

Minor Revelations

The revelations are really very small in this subtle anthology of significant – or perhaps, seemingly insignificant – moments. In a series of apparently unconnected vignettes, people live through micro-epiphanies – sometimes no more than an exchange of glances, a missed encounter, or a chance moment of farce watched from a doorway in the rain. Some faces in the cast you may recognise, most you won‘t – but there is no hierarchy, neither of people nor of incidents, in this tour de force of bittersweet minimalism. The choice of each period is intimate, as each awakens a particular emotion in me that reflects what is around me. Situations that are apparently insignificant take on meaning in my eyes, which does not necessarily make them more significant. It is more an affirmation of multiple ways of seeing, of perceiving something apparently banal. (Marie Vermillard)

European Panorama 2007
Marie Vermillard
France 2006
55 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Marie Vermillard
Cinematography Benjamin Chartier
Editing Thomas Marchand
Music Thomas Rannou
With Maryline Canto, Antoine Chappey, Simon Abkarian, Hiam Abbass, Geneviève Tenne, Clémentine Yelnick, Zinedine Soualem, Alexis Armengol, Myriam Aziza, Denis Falgoux, Renée Lecalm, Daniel Larrieu
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