Pavee Lackeen

The Traveller Girl

Pavee Lackeen tells the story of Winnie, a ten year old Irish Traveller girl, who lives with her mother and siblings in a dilapidated trailer on the side of the road in a desolate industrialised area of Dublin. A photographer as well as a film-maker, Ogden has an eye for telling images that encapsulate both Winnie‘s defiance and her powerlessness. She is so short of money that she is reduced to picking coins out of a fountain. [...] Perhaps surprisingly, the mood is never dispiriting. Winnie and her family retain their sense of fight and their dour humour. None of them display any self-pity, even as their situation worsens. (Geoffrey Macnab)

Competition Fiction 2006
Perry Ogden
Ireland 2005
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Perry Ogden, Mark Venner
Cinematography Perry Ogden
Editing Breege Rowley
With Winnie Maughan, Paddy Maughan, Rose Maughan, Mary Kate Maughan, James Maughan, Rosie Maughan, Brian Dignam
An Lár Films 135 Capel St. Dublin 1 Irland T +353 1 873 12 11 F +353 1 873 19 24