Parcours d'amour

How many rounds you do have to spin on the dance floor until all your dreams come true? Eugène, Gino, Christiane are already past their prime. But that doesn't stop them to search for love and sex with the same intensity of people wearing braces not clinical crowns. Almost every day, they meet in dimly Parisian dance clubs named “Memphis” or “Chalet du Lac” and express their desire for living a life in togetherness through dancing. And if prince charming is reluctant to appear the well-heeled ladies spend some money for lessons with “Taxi Boy” Michel. In search of love, both men and women overcome nearly every obstacle, even if in many cases it doesn’t bring them any closer to their goal.

Director's Biography
Bettina Blümner, born in 1975, is a German director from Düsseldorf. She studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg as well as the Escuela de Cine Internacional in Cuba. Her POOL OF PRINCESSES premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and was awarded with the German Film Award for Best Documentary. Blümner’s subsequent SCHERBENPARK won several international awards. // Films (selection): LA VIDA DULCE (2005, short doc), PRINZESSINNENBAD (Pool of Princesses, 2007, doc), SCHERBENPARK (2011/12), ΗALBMONDWAHRHEITEN (2013, doc), PARCOURS D'AMOUR (2014, doc)
European Panorama 2015
Bettina Blümner
Germany 2014
77 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bettina Blümner
Cinematography Mathias Schöningh, Axel Schneppat
Editing Denise Vindevogel, Isabel Meier
Sound/Sounddesign Jocelyn Robert, Tobias Mueller
Producer(s) Peter Schwartzkopff, Julia Kleinhenz (Reverse Angle Pictures)
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