Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse

The Days that Confused

Wind is blasting through your speeding car but the heat still burns your lips. The radio is pounding local pop hits from the nineties. Vodka gets poured down as if to quench a thirst. You let your head fall back and stare at the sky from under your cap, thinking: What the hell should I do with this life? And suddenly, the lyrics hit you – yes, you really need those loving arms around you. With the help of bold music and visuals, the debuting Estonian director takes the viewer on an energetic ride through the wild nineties. But the film also records the journey of a searching mind as it wrestles with a sense of life’s futility. (Lenka Tyrpáková, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
TRIIN RUUMET, born in 1988, belongs to the rising generation of Estonian filmmakers. She graduated in directing from the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School in Tallinn. Ruumet has made several internationally acclaimed shorts and directs commercials, music videos, and TV series. She is also a painter. The Days That Confused is not only the director’s first feature, but also the feature debut for much of the crew. // Films (selection): Tupsu (2014, short), Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse (The Days That Confused, 2016)
Competition Fiction 2017
Triin Ruumet
Estonia 2016
105 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Triin Ruumet, Greta Varts
Cinematography Sten-Johan Lill
Editing Hendrik Mägar
Sound/Sounddesign Matis Rei
Music Hendrik Kaljujärv, Karl Saks
With Hendrik Toompere Jr., Juhan Ulfsak, Jaanika Arum
Producer(s) Maie Rosmann-Lill (Kinosaurus Film, EE)
Kinosaurus Film Kopli 25 10412 Tallinn Estonia maie@kinosaurus.ee www.kinosaurus.ee
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere