Off the Beaten Track

One year in the life of Albin and his family of shepherds in the North of Transylvania. In direct cinema style, this documentary follows their day-to-day routines, and their struggle to adapt to a new world where traditions are gradually replaced by modern values. Since joining the EU, Romania has been facing, like several other Eastern European countries, the pressure of modern values, introducing in farmers‘ lives the cruel notion of competition, the temptation of migrating abroad for higher salaries, and the marginalisation of locally produced food against industrial products.

European Panorama Documentary 2011
Dieter Auner
Ireland / Romania 2010
87 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dieter Auner
Cinematography Nora Agapi
Editing Roxana Malaroiu, Alexandru Radu, Catalin Cristutiu
Sound/Sounddesign Frank Ilfman
Music Eugen Aloisiu Nucu Pandrea
With Albin Creta, Mirel Creta, Gavril Gordon, Rafila Creta, Petruc Creta, Mariuta Creta, Angela Gordon, Dinu Gordon
Ikandi Productions 53 Gleann Na Coille Galway Irland T +353 87 248 2681