O Que Resta

O QUE RESTA tells the story of a vacant house in Lisbon, which was the center of a family for over a century. As the house is cleared out, letters from the past tell us about the life of the vanished inhabitants and the objects they left behind in the house. Emmaus, a flea market and an auction are the intermediate stations of these mementos, where they begin a new life cycle. Like the house, which will soon be inhabited by a new family.

Director's Biography
Jola Wieczorek, geboren 1983 in Polen, wuchs in Bad Ischl auf. Sie studierte Medienmanagement in St. Pölten und Audiovisuelle Kommunikation in Barcelona. 2012 erhält sie ein Erasmus Mundus Stipendium für den internationalen Masterstudiengang in Dokumentarfilmregie „DocNomads“. O QUE RESTA ist ihr Abschlussfilm. // Filme (Auswahl): THE WINDOW (2012, doc), ÉPOCA BAIXA (2013, doc), BORDER CROSSERS (2013, doc), LIST DO POLSKI (Letter to Poland, 2014; CE '15), O QUE RESTA (2014, doc)
Local Artists 2015
Jola Wieczorek
Austria / Portugal 2014
39 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jola Wieczorek, Margarida Cardoso
Cinematography Rita Laranjeira
Editing Jola Wieczorek
Sound/Sounddesign José Sequeira, Luis Luz, Asia Dér
Music Bau