No Frank in Lumberton

An experimental documentary shot on the sets of David Lynch's film Blue Velvet, ingeniously anticipating Velvet's present-day cult status. Perhaps the most unusual film-about-filmmaking, which instead of the usual behind-the-scenes facts, interviews and anecdotes offers a highly personal, fragmented and surrealistic account of the art and magic of movie making.

Tribute 2005
Peter Braatzs
Germany / USA 1985
57 minutes
Cinematography Harry Rag, Frank-Guido Blasberg
Music Harry Rag, Stefan Wood, Uwe Jahnke, VOOV, Jojo Wolter, Frieder Butzmann, David Lynch
With David Lynch, Isabella Rosselini, Dennis Hopper u.v.a.
Peter Braatz Filmproduktion mit ZDF