Niemand vermischt mit dem Nichts

Nobody Mixed with Nothingness

"Death is a terrible thing, but it is even more terrible to be a nobody." Does this mean that the reason for the Mafia's omnipotence lies in the basic human need for identity? State Prosecutor Scarpinato from Palermo tells of his encounters with Mafia prisoners who have turned State's evidence and their motives. He also talks about the fear that constantly accompanies him on his way to work every day. Director Johanna Tschautscher explores the reasons for the continued existence of the Mafia in a new context.

Local Artists 2005
Johanna Tschautscher
Austria 2005
47 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Johanna Tschautscher
Cinematography Robert Angst
Editing Dieter Pichler
Music Gerald Höfler
With Roberto Scarpinato, Pino Martinez, Dott. Giorgio Falgares
Aichholzer Filmproduktion Mariahilferstraße 58/3 1070 Wien T 01 523 40 81 F 01 526 34 58