Niedziela Barabasza

Barabbas' Sunday

Barabasz is a goalkeeper, for whom the highlight of a week is a football match on Sunday. His job is to stand between the posts wearing a cap and protecting the goal. This is the meaning of his life. His wife also attends the match and spends her time behind the goal, but instead of supporting her man, she ridicules him, talking in a loud voice about how miserable he is. At some point Barabasz's cap falls off and the public can see that his head is bald. People start to laugh at the poor goalkeeper. The wife instantly changes sides, becomes hysterical and shouts at the public, finally standing by her man. (Stefan Laudyn)

Panorama Special 2005
Janusz Kondratiuk
25 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Janusz Kondratiuk based on Leszek Płażewski
Cinematography Mieczysław Lewandowski
With Anna Seniuk, Zdzisław Kuźniar, Jan Mateusz Nowakowski
Telewizja Polska