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Earth of the Blind

A film poem in a montage of associations, shot on sepia material that looks as if it comes from the 1920s. Life as travail, death as its integrative component. Yet it is exactly this insight that makes it possible to feel each moment intensely. “The film is composed of at least three single ideas. The story of a cow being led to slaughter. The second is a story of the very simple pleasures, of someone rolling up a little hill in a wheelchair and back down again. And the third is the story of a blind man. These three stories conjoined intuitively, in a completely irrational way. The large eyes of the cow merged with the eyes of the blind man.” (A. Stonys)

Tribute 2008
Audrius Stonys, Arunas Matelis
Lithuania 1992
black & white
24 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Audrius Stonys
Cinematography Rimvydas Leipus
Editing Danute Cinenaite
Music Viktoras Juzonis
Studija Kinema Grybautojų g. 30 10103 Vilnius Litauen