When a relationship gets toxic, a young woman makes the decision to leave–but would it be as easy as she thought or would she have to risk her life to escape?

Director's Biography
Vivian Bausch studied in Vienna and Linz. In 2020 she began her diploma studies in directing and montage at the HFF Munich. Her work includes video installations, performance art, documentary and feature film. Various exhibitions in Linz, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Athens.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
nein (no, 2021) - Maßnahmenvollzug (2021) - Die Göttin, die keine Guacamole wollte (2021) - Tarantel (2020; CE'21) - Zuhause bei meinen Müttern (2020; CE'21)
Local Artists 2022
Vivian Bausch
Austria / Germany 2021
black and white
9 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Fabian Krebs, Vivian Bausch
Cinematography Leander Hartung
Editing Vivian Bausch
Producer(s) Jennifer Drake, Michaela Mederer, Christina Schmidt
HFF München
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
HFF Munich, Dec 2021