Ned Alla – Hinterland

Recorded in one take, this music video shows two persons in a brief moment captured in slow motion.

Director's Biography
Franziska Thurner (Franka Katz) is a media artist and university lecturer based in Linz. She creates interdisciplinary and collaborative works with digital and analog media, particularly in the fields of video, multimedia installation, and AR. Fabian Holzinger is better known to the Austrian music scene as Abby Lee Tee. In addition to his solo releases, his work can also be appreciated in installations, sound-walks, and sound design for theatre and audiovisual projects.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Ned Alla – Hinterland (2022) - Bust a move – Just Banks feat. K-Sun (2007, Thurner, co-directed with Hanna Priemetzhofer; CE'08)
Local Artists 2023
Franziska Thurner, Fabian Holzinger
Austria 2022
4 minutes
Music Video
Cinematography Franziska Thurner
Music Hinterland
Producer(s) Franziska Thurner