My Summer of Love

With fine brushstrokes Pawlikowski and DoP Ryszard Lenczewski conjure up the erotic indolence of a summer crush, and the viewer starts to feel mundane reality yielding to the imaginative verve of the girls. The tale clips along, and squanders not one moment on exposition: the girls exist in a permanent present, the kind where it is only natural to promise to love one another forever. (Richard T. Kelly)

European Panorama 2005
Pawel Pawlikowski
Great Britain 2004
86 minutes
Screenplay Pawel Pawlikowski, Michael Wynne
Cinematography Ryszard Lenczewski, David Scott
Editing David Charap
Music Alison Goldfrapp, Will Gregory
With Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Dean Andrews, Paddy Considine, Michelle Byrne, Lynette Edwards, Paul-Anthony Barber
Apocalypso Pictures c/o The Works Portland House 4 Great Portland St. London W1W 8QJ Großbritannien T +44 20 7612 1080 F +44 20 7612 1081