For MOTORCITY, the choice of a documentary process is, of course, apparent from its subject, drag racing. How else would it be possible to capture both the fascination and also what needs to be explained about this sport, which since the 1950s has a place in the popular imagination in the U.S.. The film poses a field of questions that is accordingly vast, ranging from the fundamental (what is the challenge of moving a quarter of a mile in a few seconds, unleashing forces that can hardly be controlled?) to the historically determined (what does drag racing mean in a city like Detroit, which is likewise the cradle of the American automobile industry and Fordism?) to the mythological. (Vrääth Öhner)

Director's Biography
Arthur Summereder (*1983, Vienna) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Harun Farocki and at Villa Arson in Nizza, and is currently a PhD Researcher at the University of Arts Linz. A visual artist, filmmaker and editor, he won the 2019 Diagonale Prize for Best Artistic Editing of a Documentary for DIE TAGE WIE DAS JAHR (AT 2018, directed by Othmar Schmiderer).
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Motorcity (2021, doc) - The French Road, Detroit MI (2015, short; CE'16)
Local Artists 2021
Arthur Summereder
Austria 2021
85 minutes
English / German
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Arthur Summereder
Cinematography Arthur Summereder
Editing Arthur Summereder
Music Cornelius Schwehr, Mike Banks
Producer(s) Arthur Summereder
World Sales
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2021 / Diagonale 2021